dress for your body shape

My easy to use guide will show you exactly which clothes work best for your body-shape, so you can (finally!) enjoy getting dressed!

A digital guide to dressing your body shape

 You struggle to choose clothes that work for you  

  • You are a different size on top and bottom so buying dresses is hard
  • Pants don't fit both your waist and hips
  • You want to look more curvy
  • Nothing looks right - you feel that clothes add weight
  • It's difficult to find clothes that fit correctly
  • Clothes look boxy and shapeless on you

If you recognize any of those frustrations, I can help you!

For the past 18 years, I've styled thousands of women, in all shapes and sizes, so I know why you're struggling to dress your shape, and I know EXACTLY which clothes are the best and worst for your body shape.

And if you get my Instant Guide To Dressing Your Shape, you will too!

This is how you dress for your body shape:


buy the correct guide for your shape

Choose the guide below that matches your body shape

If you don't know what your body shape is take my free quiz 👇


follow the simple guidelines

See exactly which clothes are the most and least flattering for you (and why this is!).

 And use the formula inside to put outfits together that look good on you


wear clothes that look good on you!

Confidently shop for clothes that work for you, so you enjoy getting dressed!


buy the correct guide for your shape

Choose the guide below that matches your body shape

If you don't know what your body shape is, take my free quiz 👇


follow the simple guidelines

See exactly which clothes are the most and least flattering for you (and why this is!)


wear clothes that look good on you!

Confidently shop for clothes that work for you, so you enjoy getting dressed!

This is how my guide will help you dress your shape...

A digital guide to dressing your body shape
Get a simple outfit formula
so you can easily put together flattering outfits

I'll give you a tried and tested simple formula for putting together a flattering outfit, so you always look good, and you save time in the morning.

discover your best essential items
so you can build your perfect capsule wardrobe

Find out which essential items work best for your body shape, so you can build a capsule collection that works for you

see what works for your shape
so you know exactly what to look for

I'll show you exactly what the best and worst clothes are for your body shape,  and explain why, so you can confidently shop for clothes that look good on you.

get direct access to me
And my 18 years experience!

I'm on hand to offer support and answer any questions.  You are not alone, I'm here to help!

  success stories!

Thank you for your amazing guide. It’s made SUCH a difference. Shopping was such a wildly different experience to previous trips. I didn’t pick up things that didn’t fit the brief (then get frustrated it didn’t look right, then give up), I’ve had loads of nice comments from friends and colleagues.

Kate Bridges - UK

I purchased the guide and restyle course, because I seem to buy a lot of pants and throw them out.

The process was even easier than I had expected, I’ve done an initial purge (it was helpful to have the permission to get rid of stuff) and have put together a couple of new looks…I’m enjoying myself! 

Jessemy - USA

Now I have a much better idea of what fits me and I am more confident about what I need to buy next.

I feel excited to shop!

I also received a lot of compliments recently!

Sophie Kirkman - Germany

The guide is so well laid out and has so many examples, I feel really comfortable that I know exactly what I need to look for and avoid. The guide is going to be an invaluable and timeless help when shopping. I will always be able to use this information no matter the season, fashions and occasions. It will never not be helpful to me!

Meg Devine - UK

get the guide for dressing your body shape - only $67

Choose the guide for your shape and get simple rules for dressing your body shape, so you can start putting outfits together that look good!

Looking for a tailor-made guide, that works for your specific shape?  Click here

If you don't know what your body shape is take my free quiz 👇

You probably have some questions about this...

I'm not sure what body shape I have, which guide should I go for?

If you aren't sure what body shape, please purchase my body analysis for only $27 then purchase the correct guide for your shape.

How does this work?

Once you've purchased your guide, go to your inbox and look for an email with the subject 'Here's your guide'.  Then all you need to do is click the link inside to access your guide!  You can view it online, on any device, and you can download the guide too.  You can even print it off if you want!

Can I get this body shape guide tailored to me?

If you want detailed information that is specifically tailored to your shape, I recommend you purchase my Tailor-Made Guide To Dressing Your Shape. This is a 1:1 guide that is personalized to you.  I will tell you what your true body shape is (there's a high chance that your shape is a mix of two!) and will show you exactly what the most and least flattering clothes are for your specific shape and unique characteristics.  If you would like to know more about these, click HERE

Does this expire? How long to I have access to the guide for?

This doesn't expire, you have access to your guide for life so you can dip back in whenever you need a reminder.  I will also be updating the clothing periodically to reflect the current trends.

Will i be able to buy the clothes you recommend for my shape?

There are links inside the guide that you can use to make purchases, but they will take you to the retailer homepage, not the individual item.   Any retailer links are affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase using one of the links, I will make a small commission.  The links will NOT make the item more expensive for you. If you would like me to hand pick your collection for you, you will need to purchase one of my online shopping packages HERE

I'm not very tech savvy, does that matter?

No!  I've made this really easy to do - you just need a phone.  

Are you available to help me, and answer my questions?

Yes! And I've made it really easy to do so.  You can message me directly via my online platform, or you can send me a direct email.  Please note that there is max of 3 emails/messages included in price.

There is so much free information available via a quick internet search. Why would I pay for a guide?

You’re right, there is a lot of information online about body-types and dressing to flatter.  But much of it is pretty basic and it’s often dated.  

Some of the info is also totally incorrect!  When you purchase one of my guides, you are getting detailed, up to date information and guidance that comes from my 15 years experience helping over 1000 women dress to suit their shape.

Will this help my figure look better?

Wearing clothes that suit your shape is the best way to show your shape off to it's absolute best.  When you know which clothes work for you, you can make considered choices about the clothes you choose to wear.  You can turn you body-shape into your super power and make clothes work for you...rather than the other way round!

what is the most flattering body shape?

All body shapes are beautiful!  You just need to know which clothes will work the best for your body-shape so you can dress to show it off to it's best. 

how can I look more curvy?

The best way to look more curvy is to choose clothes that have shaping that cinches you in, and volume that creates curves.  One instant way to look curvier is to tuck your tops in - honestly, it is the simplest way to look like you have curves.  If you want to look more curvy, you will either have a column shape or apple shape, so I recommend purchasing the relevant guide to see exactly which clothign styles will give you a curvier silhouette

what is my body shape?

Here are 2 ways to find out what your body shape is:

  1. Take my FREE body shape quiz
  2. Purchase a Body Shape Analysis for $27 and I will tell you exactly what your shape is

what are the body-types?

There are four primary body-types, and they often have more than one name:

  1. Apple - Also called 'spoon' 'inverted triangle', 'lollipop' and 'carrot'
  2. Hourglass - Also known as 'curvy' and 'figure of eight'
  3. Pear - also known as 'triangle' or 'bottom and thigh'
  4. Column - sometimes called 'ruler', 'banana' and 'straight up an down

I'll help you to create a closet you love!

Hi, I'm Niki

personal stylist and author

Over the past 18 years I’ve freed thousands of women from the frustration of disappointing outfits through my personal styling services, by showing them how to dress to make the most of their shape, and helping them build a closet that's easy to use and fun to wear.  

My blog shares the tried and true tips and knowledge I've developed along the way, to arm you with everything you need to stop wasting money on disappointing clothes, and build a closet you enjoy wearing.

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