Unlock the potential hiding in your closet and create a closet of clothes you love wearing



​If ​you regularly say​"I have nothing to wear", yet ​you have a closet full of clothes, I can help!

​Only wearing a small percentage of the clothes hanging in ​your closet ​​not only ​leaves you disappointed with ​your outfits, it can also leave you feeling guilty each time ​you open ​your closet and see the unworn clothes.  

The truth is that there are a whole host of outfits hiding inside your closet, but you can't see them because they're hidden behind the clothes you can't bring yourself to get rid of, or you're not wearing them because you just don't know how to or don't know what to pair them with.

​During ​a Closet Consultation I​ will devote four hours to ​unlocking all that potential hanging inside​ your closet. ​I'll remove the items that no longer work ​and make the most of those that do, ​mixing and matching them and re-working them to create a variety of ​versatile outfits, many of which ​you'll have never worn before!

​You'll discover what suits ​you and why, and will finish the session with more to wear, more confidence, and a ​closet of clothes you enjoy ​waking up to each morning!

Package includes

  • A 4 hour wardrobe consultation, conducted in the comfort of your own home
  • A ​digital wardrobe report detailing the most and least flattering clothes for your loved one, and a suggested shopping list detailing the clothes I feel would help maximize the use of her collection.

*Only available in Plymouth MA and surrounding areas.  Please contact me HERE before purchasing, to enquire about your location.*


I spent 4 hours with Niki at first in my own home and she went through my existing wardrobe, putting together outfits and advising me of clothes to get rid of. Initially I was a bit worried she might just say 'get rid of it all!'. But she was so lovely and put together clothes I would never have thought of. She took photos of the outfits and identified any gaps in my wardrobe. The following week, we met to go shopping and she had already been before and sourced all the clothes. So I just turned up and had a great 3 hours trying on all the clothes and putting together new outfits. Niki also wrote a report for me, detailing my wardrobe needs and giving me advice on my style.

I didn't really know what to expect when I first met Niki. But I have to say it was one of the most positive experiences of my life. My self confidence was very low before and with each new outfit that she chose for me, I could feel my confidence growing and growing. She really listened to what I said about my lifestyle and her choice of clothes for me was so spot on. She also taught me which shops were good for my shape and which ones to avoid. I now have the confidence to go shopping and find clothes that I know will suit me. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who, like me, got a bit lost and overwhelmed by all the different shops and styles out there.

Rachel Hollingbery

I had a wardrobe consultation and shopping trip and I enjoyed every minute of it. I couldn't wait to start wearing my old clothes in a new way and my new clothes in the right way. Niki has made me feel confident and good about myself and showed me how to show off the best parts of me, which I didn't know I had at first. She made me feel relaxed and happy. She has a very professional and friendly air about her. The Wardrobe report is brilliant, top tips, do's and don't and photos of me, reminding me how to wear my clothes right. Thank you for such a great gift.

Amy Bates

My children bought me the best Mothers Day present ever!

My children bought me the best Mothers Day present ever, a 4 hour wardrobe consultation with Niki in my own home. My problem was not a lack of clothes, quite the opposite in fact, and I was worried that 4 hours would not be long enough!!

I was really prepared to throw away anything that did not fit or did not suit my body shape. She got me to try on everything in my wardrobes, advising me what should be disposed of and helping me to find different ways of using the same outfits, but to a much better effect. She took photos of the outfits to remind me of what suited me best. At the end of the session, despite throwing items out, I still owned 26 pairs of trousers!!

The following week, she sent me a very comprehensive report on everything we she did and it was full of great tips on how to make the most of my best features. It identified things I was lacking,mainly accessories, to help me create a truly great set of clothes. I also received an email with links to lots of outfits which could be added to my wardrobe at a later date. She helped me to understand what clothes are good for my shape and those I should avoid, so in future I will not have a collection of things which do not suit me. I will probably take her up on her offer to accompany me on my next shopping trip! My session with Niki, was like having my very own Gok Wan (but without the film cameras), and I would certainly recommend her to anyone who is need of a fashion makeover.

Eleanor McKenzie

I had a wardrobe consultation as I felt I had no clothes and struggled to pull outfits together. Niki was friendly, honest but professional at the same time and left me feeling a lot more confident about my shape, and the clothes I have. She gave me great suggestions of what clothes I was missing and needed. Niki also sent me a email with links to these suggestions. Am looking forward to getting my report in the post and have already started to put her advice into practice and feel so much better for it! Thanks Niki.

Hazel Ritchie

At no point did I feel that I was being made a carbon copy of somebody else’s style.

Niki has provided me with a wardrobe that I feel confident wearing, but more importantly is a style that reflects me. What impressed me the most was the amount of thought that Niki had obviously put into styling me; she took into account my budget, my interests and the look that I wanted to achieve. The clothes she picked out suited me well, and at no point did I feel that I was being made a carbon copy of somebody else’s style.

I ended up trying on a few things I wouldn’t have tried on before, from shops I’d not heard of. Overall it was a very positive experience, and one I would highly recommend.

Matt Ferren

This was simply the best gift ever!

Two of my children gifted me with a closet organization package. As I told them later, this was simply the best gift ever! I'm a recently retired teacher who needed to come up with more casual outfits for my new, more relaxed life. Though I was nervous about someone (an expert!) spending hours in my closet, I shouldn't have worried. Niki was friendly, funny, and easy to talk to. She showed me a variety of ways to wear items that were languishing in my closet, and she also let me decide whether it wasn't time to let go of some other items. My wardrobe is more streamlined, I feel better about my figure, and I'm excited about adding a few more items (recommended by Niki). This experience gave me the fresh start I was looking for.

Janet Williams

I had a wardrobe consultation and shopping trip with Niki and both were brilliant experiences. Niki was really down to earth and friendly and made both the shopping and wardrobe sort-through, really fun and enjoyable. After a horrible few years of health problems, the wardrobe and shopping time was such a treat for me and gave me a lot more confidence in how I look and feel. Niki was brilliant in adapting to and accommodating my needs (due to medical condition), both during the shopping, and also in the outfits that she chose. I had a limited budget for the shopping but Niki made the most of the sales and was able to pick out some great items, most of which I never would have picked out before. The information and tips she emailed afterwards was really comprehensive and the CD of outfit photos which she sent, was great to refer back to. I would definitely recommend Niki to anyone; she offers a really friendly, professional, down-to -earth service which can help you find/reclaim your style and feel great in the process!

Stephanie Clarke

It was a great gift and well worth the money.

My partner organised a wardrobe consultation and shopping trip with Niki for my Christmas present. I was a little nervous, but Niki's personable manner soon put me at ease. I was surprised at how many outfit combinations we managed to work out from my existing wardrobe, as well as identifying some well-needed alterations and items that needed to be recycled!

The follow-up shopping trip was great fun. Niki really did do all the hard work and had lots of items ready for me to try on. I was particularly surprised that most of the clothes were inexpensive and included many brands that I hadn't considered before.

Niki was always mindful of my budget and I definitely feel that the trip saved me money and gave me plenty of ideas for the future. Niki's follow-up report, as well as images of the wardrobe consultation, mean I have a good record of what we discussed. I would definitely recommend Niki's services and found both sessions invaluable. Every aspect of her service was highly professional. It was a great gift and well worth the money.

Jackie Dyble

I had a wardrobe consultation followed by a shopping day with Niki. I have spent the past 7 years having 3 kids so my body shape had changed considerably and the contents of my wardrobe varied hugely. She helped me have a thorough detox of the wardrobe, sometimes revealing items that I wasn't wearing any more that I could now wear, learn how to mix and match different outfits and accessorize them and learn how to dress for my body shape. The shopping trip helped me fill a lot of the gaps in the wardrobe and has given me the confidence to shop again. She brings a huge knowledge of what's available where, how to look the best you can for your body shape and gives you all sorts of advice along the way. Thoroughly recommended.

Sarah Morgan

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