I  help female entrepreneurs who are frustrated that they don’t know what to wear​...

​By teaching them how to effortlessly and confidently create outfits that are right for them to transform them into genuinely-stylish, self assured women.

I'm Niki

​​A PERSONAL STYLIST FROM England, currently living in the USA with my husband, Alex and our rescue dog, Olive.  

Most days you’ll find me styling clients from all over the world from my home office in ​​Massachusetts, with a strong cup of Yorkshire Tea in front of me and Olive pestering me to play with her.

I’ve been ​styling women for 12 years and have taken ​hundreds of women on a journey to create a more authentic personal style that aligns with them.  They look at clothes shopping in a more creative way, are more adventurous with their outfits, and have a collection of clothes they can't wait to wear.

My approach to personal styling is unique

I work closely with my clients to figure out their unique style, as opposed to using a formula to determine ​THEIR STYLE TYPE.

It’s a unique approach to personal styling that doesn’t rely on per-determined style types or labels.  

Instead, I guide and empower women to discover and develop a personal style that is unique to them, that aligns with not only their shape and their lifestyle, but also with their interests and passions.  One that truly reflects them

I  know what it feels like...

to open a closet and see a whole host of uninspiring clothes that make you feel depressed, and I know how frustrating it is to be unable to FIND CLOTHES THAT FIT AND create the looks You want.  

I've been there!

  • I​​​​​​’ve wasted time and money on clothes that didn’t feel like me (and felt guilty every time I opened my closet and saw them)
  • I’ve cried in the fitting room after trying on umpteen pairs and of jeans and STILL being unable to find a pair that fit looked good and didn’t gape at the back
  • check
    ​I've struggled to make the trends work for me, despite loving fashion and clothes
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    I've been frustrated because I thought ​my shape and size ​were the reason clothes didn't fit and look good (spoiler alert - It was the clothing style that were the problem)
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    I've struggled to align my personal style with my business brand ​​​after leaving a job working for a corporation, to start my business
  • And, being creative and easily inspired, I've struggled to fuse all the things ​I like into one, cohesive style that feels authentic

But, after a lot of soul searching, a ton of experimenting, investing in training with some of the UK's best stylists, and landing a job working as a personal stylist at one of the UK's most renowned departments stores for 2 years, my confidence and my knowledge soared to new heights and I developed a strong personal style that I love, that flatters my shape and is a true representation of me.

I have numerous pairs of jeans that fit me like a glove, I heel happy when I open my closet and I know exactly how to dress to make the most of my shape.  

12 years later and I've gained a wealth of knowledge and have helped hundreds of other women reach this happy place!

And I want that for you, too!