Hi, I"m Niki!

I'll help you create outfits that look as good on you as they do in your head, so you enjoy getting dressed!

Hi, I"m Niki!

I'll help you create outfits that look as good on you as they do in your head, so you enjoy getting dressed!

Over the past 15 years, I’ve freed thousands of women from the frustration of not knowing what to wear, by showing them how to dress to make the most of their shape, and helping them build an easy to use, fun to wear collection clothes they feel excited about wearing!

I've been where you are now...

My outfits didn't make me feel good.  They often looked better in my head than they did on me and it was so disappointing.  I'd get so frustrated that the clothes I liked didn’t look good on me, that I'd wish I had a different 'easier' shape.

It wasn’t until I took the time to understand my shape and how the clothes I wore could emphasize, disguise and alter my proportions, that I realized it wasn’t my shape that was the problem, it was that I didn't have the knowledge and skills I needed!

As my knowledge grew, so did my confidence.  

I began to have fun with my style, I built a much kinder opinion of my shape, and I developed the skills to make the clothes I liked, work for ME.   Shopping and getting dressed was so. much. easier, it was liberating and empowering and I decided I had to use this to help other women, like me, who had lost their confidence and just wanted to look and feel good.

In 2006 I trained and worked as a personal stylist with John Lewis, then in 2008 I invested in further training with the Alicia Kite Academy, and set up my business. 15 years on and I’ve helped thousands of women create a closet they love wearing, and now I want to help you!

It doesn't matter what shape you have, or if the clothes you like don’t work for you.  And it doesn't matter if you don't have the skills and knowledge to put outfits together

I can turn getting dressed into something that is fun and easy...and that makes you feel GOOD! 🎉🎉🎉

And I do it all online, so I can help you wherever you live!

This is how I  can help you...

blog posts

free tips + advice

Years of posts sharing tips and advice on everything from the best jeans for your shape, how to find out what your essential items are, and how to wear clothes in multiple ways.

the styleetter

more free tips+ advice

A free weekly email, landing every Friday, that shares tips + advice not found on my blog, to help you create outfits that make you feel happy and confident

online courses

empower yourself

Take one of my online courses and learn how dress to make the most of your shape, or how to make better use of your current collection, so you can sort out your closet and build a capsule collection of clothes you're excited to wear.

online personal styling

get a closet that makes you smile

I offer Online Shopping Packages that will source you a versatile collection of clothes you love.  Virtual Wardrobe Consultations to help you create more outfits with the clothes you have. And an Ultimate Guide To Dressing Your Shape, a personalized guide that will tell you exactly how to dress to suit your shape

free 20 minute discovery call

lets chat about how I can help you

Book in for a free 20 minute call to chat about your style and the things you're struggling with, and to discuss how I can help you

instagram page

tips, advice, and pics of my personal style

If you're on Instagram, follow me for simple tips and tricks for your closet and style, and to see how I dress my shape.