help her to look and feel amazing, every day

Personal Styling gift vouchers are the perfect gift to make her look and feel more beautiful and confident than she has in a long time!

She probably doesn't enjoy getting dressed...

  • Her wardrobe is full of clothes she doesn't wear (or like)
  • She wears the same clothes most days
  • She often say's "I don't know what to wear"
  • She comes back from shopping trips feeling frustrated and miserable
  • She's lost her identity since having children
  • And you wish she could see herself as the beautiful women you see her as!

By gifting your loved one a personal style experience with me, she'll have a wardrobe of clothes that is easy to use and fun to wear, and will look and feel more beautiful and confident than she has in a long time...and you'll earn yourself some brownie points!

 I was gifted a session with Niki and I enjoyed every minute of it. I couldn't wait to start wearing my old clothes in a new way and my new clothes in the right way. Niki has made me feel confident and good about myself and showed me how to show off the best parts of me, which I didn't know I had at first. She made me feel relaxed and happy!"

amy bates - uk

“Thank you x10,000!!! I cannot quite convey  how amazing this experience was. Hannah was extremely pleased! You are fabulous at what you do. Thanks again. I hope to be back in touch about my doing this for one of my dearest friends!"

kate brock - usa

My session with Niki was a thoughtful Birthday present from a loving husband, wanting to encourage his wife-turned-mummy to re-find some confidence and sense of self and style after 18 months of body-change and a degree of style-neglect… It worked! Niki should be on prescription!

claire - uk

This is how you give the gift of personal style:


Choose your perfect present from the selection below.  

If you can't see what you're looking for, get in touch.


Once purchased, you'll receive an email from me within the hour, containing your gift card.


All you need to do is print off the gift certificate, pop it in a card, and your gift recipient will have her very own expert stylist!

gift option one
online personal shopping experience

I'll source your loved one a collection of clothes she can't wait to wear

  • After she's completed my client questionnaire and we've met via Zoom, I use my 18 years experience to source her a collection of clothes that work for her, that she'll love wearing
  • The collection is present to her in a personal online catalogue that includes direct links to purchase, size recommendations, styling tips, and a whole host of outfit suggestions so she knows exactly how to wear everything.
  • I'm on hand via email, WhatsApp or Zoom as the clothes arrive, to answer any questions and check fit.

*Please note, the price above does not include the clothing - it is for my styling service only*

*And she must be based in the UK, USA, or Canada*

gift option two
virtual wardrobe edit gift

I'll edit and rework her wardrobe so it's easy to use and fun to wear

  • This is a 2-3 hour wardrobe restyle and edit, conducted via Zoom
  • I'll show her how to create countless outfits with the clothes she already has
  • I'll remove the clothes that no longer work for her, that are making her miserable
  • And I'll tell her what the gaps are in her collection, so she can buy the right pieces
  • She will end the session with a streamlined closet full of outfits she can't wait to wear
gift option three
the full works: wardrobe edit gift + personal shopper gift

The perfect combination of a Virtual Wardrobe Edit, followed by an Online Personal Shopping service.

  • First we have the Virtual Wardrobe Edit
  • Next, I'll source a Mini Collection of clothes that consists of the missing items from her some gorgeous extras that she'll love
  • The collection is present to her in a personal online catalogue that includes direct links to purchase, size recommendations, styling tips, and a whole host of outfit suggestions so she knows exactly how to wear everything, and can find the perfect outfit at a moments notice.
  • I'm on hand via email or WhatsApp as the clothes arrive, to help her integrate them into her wardrobe and answer any questions

*Please note, the price above does not include the clothing - it is for my styling service only*

gift option four
tailor-made guide

A comprehensive, tailor-made, digital guide that shows your loved one exactly which clothes work for her body shape, so she can have a happy shopping experience.

  • A beautiful digital guide she can access anywhere, on any device
  • She'll learn about her specific shape and how to overcome the frustrations she has dressing her shape
  • She'll see exactly which clothes are the most and least flattering for her shape, and why, so she can confidently shop for clothes and develop her own style
  • And she'll discover which wardrobe essentials to have in her collection so it's easy to use and versatile

Not sure which personal styling gift is best suited?

Get in touch and we'll pull together the perfect gift for her!

You probably have some questions about my personal styling gifts...

I'm not sure which package to choose!

Get in touch with me here and I'll help you choose the perfect gift!

Is the certificate refundable?

The gift certificate is not refundable, however it can be transferred to someone else or exchanged for a different service, or an online course.  If you would like to do this, just get in touch and I'll sort that for you.  Click here to view my full Terms and Conditions

How does this work?

Once you've purchased the gift, you'll receive an email from me that includes a gift certificate and welcome letter for you to print off and gift.    Your loved one can then get in touch with me when she's ready to start.

She's not very tech savvy, will she still be able to do this?

Absolutely!  I've made this really easy to do.  The only part of the process that she will be required to do anything 'technical' is if she needs to fill in my questionnaire and send me some photos.  She will also need to use Zoom or Microsoft Teams...but after the past few years we've had, I'm sure sh'es used to using those!  The questionnaire is a fillable PDF that can be completed on any device and the photos can be taken with her phone.  And I set up a private Google Drive folder for all clients so it's super easy for us to share documents.

I'm worried that she might take offense!

I totally understand this! My advice is to frame the gift as an opportunity for her to take some time out for herself and to be pampered. Or tell her that you want her to see herself as the beautiful women she is!  I have lots of very happy clients who were gifted the experience (see some testimonials here), but if you have any doubts, feel free to contact me so we can make sure this is the right gift for her!

Is the price of clothing included in the Online Shopping Packages?

No, clothing is not included in the price.  The price listed above is the cost for my personal styling service.  You will need a separate budget for clothing, and as a guide I recommend the following:

  • For the Standard Collection (which is around 20 items of clothing), I typically recommend a budget of no less than $1500 / £1500. 
  • And for the Mini Collection (which is around 10 items of clothing), I typically recommend a budget of no less than $800 / £800.

With that said, it's important to note that I work within the budget set, and I always do my best to utilize discounts where I can !

Does the gift certificate expire? Does she need to do this right away?

She doesn't need to do this straight away!  She will have have 2 years to use the certificate, however it's a good idea for her to get in touch with me early on so we can chat through any questions or concerns she may have, and can figure out when's a good time to start.

I'm not based in the UK or USA, does that matter?

I only work with clients who have clothes delivered to them in the UK, USA or Canada  - So, if you're thinking of gifting someone who  isn't based in the UK, USA or Canada, please get in touch with me before making a purchase!

I know I can help her enjoy getting dressed...but don't take my word for it...

Shopping was such a wildly different experience to previous trips. I didn’t pick up things that didn’t fit the brief (then get frustrated it didn’t look right, then give up), I’ve had loads of nice comments from friends and colleagues (even the person at the checkout commented on my top today). Thanks again, after a rough few months it has really cheered me up!

kate bridges - uk

I purchased the guide and restyle course, because I seem to buy a lot of pants and throw them out.
The process was even easier than I had expected, I’ve done an initial purge (it was helpful to have the permission to get rid of stuff) and have put together a couple of new looks…I’m enjoying myself!

jessemy neiger - usa

Thank you so much. I’m feeling so much more excited to get dressed each day and love all of the options I have in my wardrobe. I’m even feeling confident heading into fall that I can source some pieces to supplement and work for the cooler weather. So appreciate your help and really enjoyed working with you.

tori di bartolo - usa

I'll help you to create a closet you love!

Hi, I'm Niki

personal stylist and author

Over the past 18 years I’ve freed thousands of women from the frustration of disappointing outfits through my personal styling services, by showing them how to dress to make the most of their shape, and helping them build a closet that's easy to use and fun to wear.  

My blog shares the tried and true tips and knowledge I've developed along the way, to arm you with everything you need to stop wasting money on disappointing clothes, and build a closet you enjoy wearing.

You can find out more about Niki and her experience here

you can get in touch with Niki here