Are you fed up of wearing uninspiring outfits that make you feel boring or depressed? Are you struggling to create outfits that feel like you? Or maybe you’re looking for someone to gently guide you outside your current style and shopping preferences?

My Standard Capsule Collection will provide you with a versatile collection of clothes that align with you and your style preferences. Each piece will suit you and your shape and fit you well and the collection will mix and match to create a whole host of outfits that are suitable for your lifestyle.

Package includes:

  • Around 22 items (including accessories) displayed in shoppable lookbook
  • 1 shoppable Lookbook that can downloaded and viewed on a desktop, mobile or tablet
  • 30+ suggested outfit combinations

I recommend a budget of no less than $900


Shopping online with me is a fantastic way to shop. It’s cheaper than shopping with me in-person, it’s quick, it’s easy, it opens up a huge range of products that you could only dream of finding at your local Mall or on the High-Street, and it can be done from the comfort of your own home so you don’t even need to step foot inside a shopping mall if you don’t want to!

My online shopping package will provide you with a collection of items specific to your needs, presented in an online look-book. Your look-book will contain information about each individual item, such as recommended size, how to wear it and what to wear it with; and each item will contain links for direct purchase so that you can order the items to be delivered direct to you. As well as this, I will provide you with a whole host of outfit suggestions so you can effortlessly pull outfits together.


1. You will  fill out my comprehensive questionnaire and send me some photos of you.
2. Together we will explore your shape and style
3. I do all the hard work, and source your perfect pieces within your budget
4. You purchase your collection and effortlessly build outfits that you love that make you feel amazing

Average time from purchase to receiving a look book is 2 weeks. If you require it more urgently, get in touch and I will see what I can do.



“Isn’t this just every woman’s dream? To hire someone to create countless outfits that not only suit your shape but bring out your personality with only a small selection of quality garments?

I’ve known Niki for many years – I’ve always loved her creative, edgy flare and I trust she really knows her stuff.

I work from home and I know my style but I wanted Niki to help me take it to the next level. I also wanted to have a capsule wardrobe that would be warm and comfortable as well as stylish. That’s not an easy brief but I knew Niki would be able to master it…and she did!

Niki is a delight to work with. The whole process was fun and easy. She takes so much time and care to select the garments and accessories to create complete looks.

I was salivating when I received my finished Look Book. Niki sends links to all the items so you can click and buy – shopping has literally never been that easy and stress-free ! My Look Book contained FIFTY THREE different outfits!! I was blown away. My boyfriend and I love to travel so whenever I’m packing to go away, out comes my Look Book and I pack in about a quarter of the time, I take less clothes but have many more outfits.

Many items I never would have chosen if Niki hadn’t suggested them are now favourite go-to items. Every item Niki chose for me gets worn and regularly. My clothes work hard for me now and I love that.

I shall be hiring Niki again, without a doubt. If you’re considering this, don’t hesitate any longer, book it because it’s worth every penny and so much more. Niki will help you look better, dress with more ease and save you countess hours and not to mention save you money because you’ll no longer buy clothes that hang in your wardrobe doing nothing.

Go on, you know you want your own Capsule Collection too!” – Emma Ward – Business Confidence Coach


The first few hours after receiving the parcels I was trying everything that I got one by one with a big smile on my face, I am generally delighted!  What I love about the capsule collection Niki created is the fact that I don’t need to care what to put on because I will look great. I can’t really stop admiring that she made such a nice collection of outfits for my figure.  To me it’s like some kind of magic and she is a great stylist magician!  This comfort when you do not have to think what to put on yourself is incredible. Thank you very much for your help! Joanna, Wells – UK


Thanks to Niki I have a wardrobe that I feel confident wearing, but more importantly is a style that reflects me. What impressed me the most was the amount of thought that Niki had obviously put into styling me; she took into account my budget, my interests and the look that I wanted to achieve. The clothes she picked out suited me well, and at no point did I feel that I was being made a carbon copy of somebody else’s style. She was also very honest with me from the outset, and wasn’t afraid to tell me if something I liked didn’t suit me – equally I ended up trying on a few things I wouldn’t have tried on before, and going into shops I’d not heard of. Overall it was a very positive experience, and one I would highly recommend – thanks Niki!” – Matt Ferren – Bristol, UK