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getting dressed isn't stressfull anymore!

“My biggest frustration was knowing what items go together and what will fit best. I was wearing the same things over and over again, but didn't love any of it.

Now I love my closet! I really love the ease of putting clothes together and am confident that my clothes look good and make me feel good about myself.

The process was super easy and I felt involved in the whole process and like my opinion mattered alongside Niki’s expert opinion. It’s allowed me to move out of my comfort zone and choose some trendier shapes that I wasn't confident to put together before.

I am able to use the outfits from the lookbook AND I feel confident to take the tips and to mix and match new items with clothes I already had in my closet. Getting dressed is not stressful anymore!

Katy D'agostino - ky, Usa

online personal shopping 2024

I now feel like I'm at the start of a journey to greater confidence and style!

“I loved working with Niki to find out what clothes suited my body shape, and also what didn't suit me. It was great to have a friendly, expert opinion, and a bespoke guide to refer to after so many years of feeling frumpy. I now feel like I'm at the start of a journey to greater confidence and style!"

Kelly L - Derbyshire, uk

tailormade guide 2024

I'm really excited!

"Thank you Niki! Your guide is incredible and so helpful! And the primary and secondary shape you feel I am really feels right. I'm really excited!"

kelly laas - ga, usa

tailormade guide 2024 

it's a fantastic service!

“I was impulsively buying clothes and never feeling satisfied or happy. Never felt like I enjoyed the things I was buying.

It feels completely different now!

The wardrobe edit has made things so much easier to find. We had a big clearout, and with some fabulous tips and tweaks, we found new outfits.

I learned how to really look at my outfits and add simple but fab suggestions to make things look so much better.

I love my new pieces and feel more confident. I’m not impulsively spending money on random items.

It was so great. Niki put me at ease immediately and I feel so positive about the whole experience.

It’s a fantastic service - I am so pleased I found Niki!"

Jo Jones- UK

virtual wardrobe edit + online shoping 2024

I love knowing that everything in my closet is there for a reason.

“I was buying too much to try and fill in what I was missing, but not buying what I actually needed.

I was feeling super overwhelmed. I couldn't see anything in my closet or fit anything new in; it was absolutely packed!

I found the process immensely helpful! I love knowing that everything in my closet is there for a reason. I love knowing someone ELSE has seen everything and liked it. I love knowing that all the pieces really go together.


CHERYL malik - TN, USA

virtual wardrobe edit 2024

I'm thrilled with this experience!

“I feel so much more confident when I getting dressed and it no longer feel like an unsatisfying chore!

I’m obsessed with everything all the items fit beautifully and are comfortable, and I actually look forward to getting dressed everyday!
I’m thrilled with this experience and cant wait to work with you for fall/winter!"

natasha sewell - washiington dc, USA

wardrobe edit and online shopping 2024

it feels more fun to get dressed.

"I was struggling to put outfits together - feeling like I wore the same thing everyday and was bored.

Now it feels more fun to get dressed and I feel better about what I'm wearing.

I really liked thee look-book with different outfits/ combinations of how to wear items. I reference a lot!

I'm really happy with everything and look forward to working together again!"

kristi harbord - tx, usa

online shopping 2024 

Now I feel confident. Classic. Sexy.

"I hated everything in my closet. I have lost about 20 pounds- and everything in my closet was either too big or not reflective of who I am.

I felt absolutely hopeless- I had no idea even where to begin to source a new and refreshed wardrobe.

Now I feel confident. Classic. Sexy. I am excited every morning and evening (if we are going out) to shop in my closet!

I enjoyed everything. From pinning my ideas on Pinterest to working collaboratively with Niki to having a fashion show for my husband with all my new purchases.

The best moment so far was when I wore the hot pink Anthropologie dress, and my husband said I took his breath away.

Not only is Niki a great listener, but she also challenged me to think outside of the box in terms of what would work for my body/look good on me. Initially, the pieces I gave a hard "no" to are now my favorites!"

lisa clark - , KS usa

online shopping 2024 

I love everything in there, and it all fits!

"I had such a great time playing dress up, and have been feeling stylish all week! 

After our session ended I took out everything that we didn’t use, tried it on and got rid of most of it. It inspired my husband to do the same and now our closet is so organized and we actually have space!

And most importantly I love everything in there and it all fits! It was such a wonderful experience. Thank you again."

dylan patterson - CO, USA

virtual wardrobe edit - gift in 2024 

2023 - 2022

i'm enjoying myself!

“I purchased the guide and restyle course, because I seem to buy a lot of pants and throw them out.

The process was even easier than I had expected, I’ve done an initial purge (it was helpful to have the permission to get rid of stuff) and have put together a couple of new looks…I’m enjoying myself!

Jessemy Neiger - MN, USA

simple guide and restyle your closet like a personal stylist in 2023

working with niki was life changing

"Working with Niki was literally life changing.

I often didn't feel the best I could feel in my clothes and had a very negative relationship with my wardrobe.

I now feel excited to open my wardrobe. Not only did Niki help me with choosing the clothes, she also put together a styling guide that I still use to make sure I am pairing the items in the best way possible. I feel great when I get dressed!"

EMMA S - London, UK

virtual wardrobe edit and online shopping in 2022


“Thank you SO much for this guide. I can't tell you how helpful it was for me yesterday while I was shopping.  I managed to snag two tops and I love them, fit so well!”


ultimate guide to dressing your shape in 2022

there's less frustration now

“I had difficulty choosing clothes to wear that suited me and felt frustrated and bored. Now I have more direction and enjoy the confidence I now have to buy and wear clothes that make me feel good to wear. There's less frustration now.”

natatia C - Bath, UK

personal shopping 2023

it's made such a difference!

“Shopping was such a wildly different experience to previous trips. I didn’t pick up things that didn’t fit the brief (then get frustrated it didn’t look right, then give up), I’ve had loads of nice comments from friends and colleagues (even the person at the checkout commented on my top today). Thanks again, after a rough few months it has really cheered me up!

Kate Bridges - Berkhamsted, uk

ultimate guide in 2022

i really love my closet now

“After having my first daughter two years ago I had completely fallen out of love with my wardrobe. I wore the same outfits over and over, had no confidence in buying things and felt confused and frustrated!

I really love my closet now, it's a joy again because I now know my style and feel confident in how to put things together that I like. I always find something I love to wear, and I have way more confidence to add to it. I know the combos that work well and feel good on my body. I also have way less decision fatigue. I just know what to take out - simple!

I really loved the whole process; it was a great thing to do for myself! It made me fall in love with clothes all over again and I can't wait to do the same process for my autumn/winter wardrobe! It was so fun!!”

zoe lavender - switzerland

virtual wardrobe edit and online shopping in 2022

the course was better than I expected!

“Before I started the course, I had pieces that didn’t match, and lacked confidence.

Now I know what to keep and what to discard and can easily pick out outfits. The course was even better than I expected.”

Libby S - MO, USA

restyle your closet like a personal stylist in 2023

i feel excited to make more of an effort with my clothes!

“I was feeling bored and scruffy and my wardrobe was tired and shabby.  The things I had have worked hard for me but there was nothing exciting about it.

Now I feel excited to make more of an effort with my clothes.

This has been a great experience.  It’s set me up to be able to make better choices about clothes going forward. The most helpful part was putting together the Pinterest board and then working with Niki to get the style board to reflect what my collection would look like.  I don't think I'd ever thought this much about what I wear before!

I’m feeling more confident in my own idea of style, and ready to do more clothes shopping.”

Lian Thomas - Cornwal, UK

ultimate guide and online shopping in 2022


I love that I now have so many beautiful outfits.

“I was overweight from pregnancy, COVID weight gain and a year of traveling so nothing fit. I also wasn't good at putting outfits together and accessorizing or knowing what stores to shop at. There was no style.

Niki went above and beyond for me. She truly wanted to make sure I got the exact collection I wanted, while also helping me expand my mindset about what types of clothes were possible for me.

She truly cared that I had a collection that would make me feel pulled together and confident.

I love that I now have so many beautiful outfits to wear that make me feel confident and I will definitely recommend her and use her again!”

danae baldwin - ohio, usa

online shopping in 2021

i feel excited to shop!

“I wanted to know what body type I have, and how to dress it. I didn't know what to wear - size or style, and shopping for new clothes was very stressful.  enjoyed seeing the diagram of my body, showing how much my shoulders are wider than my hips, and that I actually have a waist.  Now I have a much better idea of what fits me and I am more confident about what I need to buy next. I feel excited to shop! I also received a lot of compliments recently! "

sophie kirkman - germany

ultimate guide 2021

it really has been a key turning point in my recovery

“I was truly dreading clothes shopping after my mastectomy but you have shown me that there are lots of options out there including items I wouldn't even have considered.  I love my new clothes and have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.  

Getting dressed in the morning is fun now and the best bit is I don't even think about my prothesis, nor do I worry about it when out. I know that everything I put on works and you have found items that I love and are very "me".  

This has been such a positive experience not only because I feel great in my new clothes but also because it has affirmed that notwithstanding my surgery I can still enjoy clothes shopping.  Thank you so much, it really has been a key turning point in my recovery"

ANONYMOUS - bristol, uk

online personal shopping in 2021

My client wanted to let you know that if you're going through a similar thing and would like to touch base with someone who has been through it, she is very happy to chat! Just let me know and I will connect you.

I'm feeling excited to get dressed each day!

“Thank you so much. I’m feeling so much more excited to get dressed each day and love all of the options I have in my wardrobe. I’m even feeling confident heading into fall that I can source some pieces to supplement and work for the cooler weather. So appreciate your help and really enjoyed working with you."

tori di bartolo - WA , usa

online shopping in 2021

I had so much fun!

“I had SO much fun with Niki! Her ability to pull together outfits from my current pieces was amazing and I really appreciated all the prep work she must have done prior to our time together to make it as seamless as it was. Truly remarkable"

mina fies - dc , usa

virtual wardrobe edit in 2021

I'm super impressed!

"I’d just taken an online styling course which helped with color and contrast, but left me unsure about shape, and had years previously seen a stylist but I thought her suggestions didn't make me look good.
Now I’m much clearer about what shape clothes to look for and I finally know why some clothes in my wardrobe just aren't for me!
The whole process felt more friendly, personalized and tailored to me than I was expecting from submitting a form online. I’m super impressed!
I finally feel future purchases will actually be worn frequently and look good, and I'm starting to look like I have a style!"

lynda doyle - uk

ultimate guide in 2021


“I had nothing interesting to wear and felt underwhelmed and distracted by my closet.  
The look book Niki sent me was a great help, I loved seeing all the different ways the outfits could go together to give different looks and seeing how Niki styled the pieces and turned them into an outfit helped me realize I actually had quite a bit of good stuff in my wardrobe.

It's given my confidence a lovely boost and it’s good to start wearing some different things again! "

christy marshall -  dURHAM, uk

online personal shopping in 2021

i'm so glad i did this!

“I had loads of clothes but I didn’t know how to use it and I never felt comfortable with what I was wearing. I felt I didn’t have anything I liked, things didn’t match and I was so confused about what my style was.

I bought the wardrobe consultation and the Ultimate Guide to Dressing Your Shape. The wardrobe consultation was amazing. It was a lot of fun and helped me massively to appreciate the clothes I have. I discovered new ways to combine things and identified the items I was missing. I'm now wearing clothes I haven’t worn in a long time. I like my clothes again and I feel a lot more confident. I’m loving it!

The body shape experience was amazing to understand what clothes suit me better and both experiences together have been a great combination!

I’m so glad I did this, now I know what my style is, I feel confident and comfortable. I feel myself and I feel I know what clothes I need to buy to look good. Thank you!!”

Ana jimenez santillana - buckinghamshire, uk

ultimate guide and virtual wardrobe edit in 2021

this was exactly what I needed!

“During lock-down I had time to sort through my clothes and get rid of anything I didn't wear, and I realized how much money and time I’d wasted on ill suited clothes and trying to make clothes work when they just didn’t.
Now I feel MUCH BETTER. The guide is so well laid out and has so many examples, I feel really comfortable that I know exactly what I need to look for and avoid, it's going to be an invaluable and timeless help when shopping. I will always be able to use this information no matter the season, fashions and occasions. It will never not be helpful to me and I have learnt a lot from it.

This was exactly what I wanted and needed. Thank you!”


ultimate guide in 2021

I feel excited and confident to get dressed every day.

“I didn’t have enough variety and had no idea how to put things together,which led me to wearing the same 20% of my closet all the time and buying one-off items that I never knew what to do with.

Now I feel excited and confident to get dressed every day.  Instead of my clothing being an afterthought and boring, I get to express myself fully and have fun doing it, and I now realize how much feeling good about how you
look impacts the energy you put out into the world.

The look-book was completely unexpected! It’s gorgeous, easy-to-follow and I can pull it up on my phone in the morning to easily choose what I feel like wearing that day. I feel like I got an hour a day back just in getting

I can't thank you enough for your generosity in spirit and talents.”

Mina fies - dc, usa

online shopping 2021


now i have a wardrobe that i really love!

felt Underwhelmed, I didn't feel my outfits reflected my style and I was unclear about fit. I knew I wanted more but wasn't sure where to look, or what pieces I needed.  Now I feel excited and confident and have a wardrobe that I really love!

The  process was so simple and much easier that I ever thought. The look book was so great and I loved how you honored my budget and introduced me to different brands I hadn't previously been aware of.

I am so grateful for the experience. I believe you have an amazing gift of building confidence.  After spending so many years embarrassed of my curves, I actually have started to really love them. I attribute that to wearing clothing that shows them off in a flattering way. So thank you!!

aimee laliberte - ny, usa

online personal shopping in 2020