Lovely things my clients have said about working with me

Latest Testimonials

I love everything in there, and it all fits!

"I had such a great time playing dress up, and have been feeling stylish all week!

After our session ended I took out everything that we didn’t use, tried it on and got rid of most of it. It inspired my husband to do the same and now our closet is so organized and we actually have space!

And most importantly I love everything in there and it all fits! It was such a wonderful experience. Thank you again."

dylan patterson - CO, USA

virtual wardrobe edit - gift in 2024 

the course was better than I expected!

“Before I started the course, I had pieces that didn’t match, and lacked confidence.

Now I know what to keep and what to discard and can easily pick out outfits. The course was even better than I expected.”

Libby S - MO, USA

restyle your closet like a personal stylist in 2023

working with niki was life changing

“Before I started the course, I had pieces that didn’t match, and lacked confidence.

Now I know what to keep and what to discard and can easily pick out outfits. The course was even better than I expected.”

EMMA S - London, UK

virtual wardrobe edit and online shopping in 2022

i really love my closet now

“After having my first daughter two years ago I had completely fallen out of love with my wardrobe. I wore the same outfits over and over, had no confidence in buying things and felt confused and frustrated!

I really love my closet now, it's a joy again because I now know my style and feel confident in how to put things together that I like. I always find something I love to wear, and I have way more confidence to add to it. I know the combos that work well and feel good on my body. I also have way less decision fatigue. I just know what to take out - simple!

I really loved the whole process; it was a great thing to do for myself! It made me fall in love with clothes all over again and I can't wait to do the same process for my autumn/winter wardrobe! It was so fun!!”

zoe lavender - switzerland

virtual wardrobe edit and online shopping in 2022


“Thank you SO much for this guide. I can't tell you how helpful it was for me yesterday while I was shopping.  I managed to snag two tops and I love them, fit so well!”


ultimate guide to dressing your shape in 2022

i'm enjoying myself!

“I purchased the guide and restyle course, because I seem to buy a lot of pants and throw them out.

The process was even easier than I had expected, I’ve done an initial purge (it was helpful to have the permission to get rid of stuff) and have put together a couple of new looks…I’m enjoying myself!

Jessemy Neiger - MN, USA

simple guide and restyle your closet like a personal stylist in 2023

it's made such a difference!

“Shopping was such a wildly different experience to previous trips. I didn’t pick up things that didn’t fit the brief (then get frustrated it didn’t look right, then give up), I’ve had loads of nice comments from friends and colleagues (even the person at the checkout commented on my top today). Thanks again, after a rough few months it has really cheered me up!

Kate Bridges - Berkhamsted, uk

ultimate guide in 2022

there's less frustration now

“I had difficulty choosing clothes to wear that suited me and felt frustrated and bored. Now I have more direction and enjoy the confidence I now have to buy and wear clothes that make me feel good to wear. There's less frustration now.”

natatia C - Bath, UK

personal shopping 2023

i feel excited to make more of an effort with my clothes!

“I was feeling bored and scruffy and my wardrobe was tired and shabby.  The things I had have worked hard for me but there was nothing exciting about it.

Now I feel excited to make more of an effort with my clothes.

This has been a great experience.  It’s set me up to be able to make better choices about clothes going forward. The most helpful part was putting together the Pinterest board and then working with Niki to get the style board to reflect what my collection would look like.  I don't think I'd ever thought this much about what I wear before!

I’m feeling more confident in my own idea of style, and ready to do more clothes shopping.”

Lian Thomas - Cornwal, UK

ultimate guide and online shopping in 2022


I love that I now have so many beautiful outfits.

“I was overweight from pregnancy, COVID weight gain and a year of traveling so nothing fit. I also wasn't good at putting outfits together and accessorizing or knowing what stores to shop at. There was no style.

Niki went above and beyond for me. She truly wanted to make sure I got the exact collection I wanted, while also helping me expand my mindset about what types of clothes were possible for me.

She truly cared that I had a collection that would make me feel pulled together and confident.

I love that I now have so many beautiful outfits to wear that make me feel confident and I will definitely recommend her and use her again!”

danae baldwin - ohio, usa

online shopping in 2021

i feel excited to shop!

“I wanted to know what body type I have, and how to dress it. I didn't know what to wear - size or style, and shopping for new clothes was very stressful.  enjoyed seeing the diagram of my body, showing how much my shoulders are wider than my hips, and that I actually have a waist.  Now I have a much better idea of what fits me and I am more confident about what I need to buy next. I feel excited to shop! I also received a lot of compliments recently! "

sophie kirkman - germany

ultimate guide 2021

it really has been a key turning point in my recovery

“I was truly dreading clothes shopping after my mastectomy but you have shown me that there are lots of options out there including items I wouldn't even have considered.  I love my new clothes and have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.  

Getting dressed in the morning is fun now and the best bit is I don't even think about my prothesis, nor do I worry about it when out. I know that everything I put on works and you have found items that I love and are very "me".  

This has been such a positive experience not only because I feel great in my new clothes but also because it has affirmed that notwithstanding my surgery I can still enjoy clothes shopping.  Thank you so much, it really has been a key turning point in my recovery"

ANONYMOUS - bristol, uk

online personal shopping in 2021

My client wanted to let you know that if you're going through a similar thing and would like to touch base with someone who has been through it, she is very happy to chat! Just let me know and I will connect you.

I'm feeling excited to get dressed each day!

“Thank you so much. I’m feeling so much more excited to get dressed each day and love all of the options I have in my wardrobe. I’m even feeling confident heading into fall that I can source some pieces to supplement and work for the cooler weather. So appreciate your help and really enjoyed working with you."

tori di bartolo - WA , usa

online shopping in 2021

I had so much fun!

“I had SO much fun with Niki! Her ability to pull together outfits from my current pieces was amazing and I really appreciated all the prep work she must have done prior to our time together to make it as seamless as it was. Truly remarkable"

mina fies - dc , usa

virtual wardrobe edit in 2021

I'm super impressed!

"I’d just taken an online styling course which helped with color and contrast, but left me unsure about shape, and had years previously seen a stylist but I thought her suggestions didn't make me look good.
Now I’m much clearer about what shape clothes to look for and I finally know why some clothes in my wardrobe just aren't for me!
The whole process felt more friendly, personalized and tailored to me than I was expecting from submitting a form online. I’m super impressed!
I finally feel future purchases will actually be worn frequently and look good, and I'm starting to look like I have a style!"

lynda doyle - uk

ultimate guide in 2021


“I had nothing interesting to wear and felt underwhelmed and distracted by my closet.  
The look book Niki sent me was a great help, I loved seeing all the different ways the outfits could go together to give different looks and seeing how Niki styled the pieces and turned them into an outfit helped me realize I actually had quite a bit of good stuff in my wardrobe.

It's given my confidence a lovely boost and it’s good to start wearing some different things again! "

christy marshall -  dURHAM, uk

online personal shopping in 2021

i'm so glad i did this!

“I had loads of clothes but I didn’t know how to use it and I never felt comfortable with what I was wearing. I felt I didn’t have anything I liked, things didn’t match and I was so confused about what my style was.

I bought the wardrobe consultation and the Ultimate Guide to Dressing Your Shape. The wardrobe consultation was amazing. It was a lot of fun and helped me massively to appreciate the clothes I have. I discovered new ways to combine things and identified the items I was missing. I'm now wearing clothes I haven’t worn in a long time. I like my clothes again and I feel a lot more confident. I’m loving it!

The body shape experience was amazing to understand what clothes suit me better and both experiences together have been a great combination!

I’m so glad I did this, now I know what my style is, I feel confident and comfortable. I feel myself and I feel I know what clothes I need to buy to look good. Thank you!!”

Ana jimenez santillana - buckinghamshire, uk

ultimate guide and virtual wardrobe edit in 2021

this was exactly what I needed!

“During lock-down I had time to sort through my clothes and get rid of anything I didn't wear, and I realized how much money and time I’d wasted on ill suited clothes and trying to make clothes work when they just didn’t.
Now I feel MUCH BETTER. The guide is so well laid out and has so many examples, I feel really comfortable that I know exactly what I need to look for and avoid, it's going to be an invaluable and timeless help when shopping. I will always be able to use this information no matter the season, fashions and occasions. It will never not be helpful to me and I have learnt a lot from it.

This was exactly what I wanted and needed. Thank you!”


ultimate guide in 2021

I feel excited and confident to get dressed every day.

“I didn’t have enough variety and had no idea how to put things together,which led me to wearing the same 20% of my closet all the time and buying one-off items that I never knew what to do with.

Now I feel excited and confident to get dressed every day.  Instead of my clothing being an afterthought and boring, I get to express myself fully and have fun doing it, and I now realize how much feeling good about how you
look impacts the energy you put out into the world.

The look-book was completely unexpected! It’s gorgeous, easy-to-follow and I can pull it up on my phone in the morning to easily choose what I feel like wearing that day. I feel like I got an hour a day back just in getting

I can't thank you enough for your generosity in spirit and talents.”

Mina fies - dc, usa

online shopping 2021


now i have a wardrobe that i really love!

felt Underwhelmed, I didn't feel my outfits reflected my style and I was unclear about fit. I knew I wanted more but wasn't sure where to look, or what pieces I needed.  Now I feel excited and confident and have a wardrobe that I really love!

The  process was so simple and much easier that I ever thought. The look book was so great and I loved how you honored my budget and introduced me to different brands I hadn't previously been aware of.

I am so grateful for the experience. I believe you have an amazing gift of building confidence.  After spending so many years embarrassed of my curves, I actually have started to really love them. I attribute that to wearing clothing that shows them off in a flattering way. So thank you!!

aimee laliberte - ny, usa

online personal shopping in 2020

mind blown!

“I hated getting dressed in the morning, felt really frumpy and like my clothes were just generally unflattering. All of the local clothing stores have closed and I was really struggling finding new items online.

Now it feels like no work at all to pull together an outfit each morning that fits and feels great.

I  LOVE all of the items Niki sourced and really appreciate the time and attention she put into finding pieces that would be perfect specifically for my shape, style and preferences.   I am so thankful I treated myself to this experience.

I kind of want to get rid of everything else, because I can make so many outfits from the pieces she sourced. Mind blown! :)”

jackie carano - MA, usa

online personal shopping in 2020

i feel amazing!

“Before I hired Niki, I was at a complete loss! After having kids, I had lost confidence in my appearance and didn’t have a clue what to wear!

Niki was great to work with and gave me the confidence to try things I would never have chosen for myself.  She sourced clothes that perfectly fitted my measurements and found colors that suited me that I wouldn’t usually have gone for.  

I loved the whole process; it was more than I expected and I’m so happy with my new collection.  Having the outfits all put together in a look book is so helpful. I know which items go together to make up the perfect outfit and feel confident that I have something to wear for most occasions.  I feel amazing!"

ali finlayson - scotland

online personal shopping in 2020

i'm excited to look in my wardrobe!

"I had too many clothes in my wardrobe that I wasn't wearing and since having my first child was struggling to feel right in them and had resorted to wearing the same few outfits
Niki just seemed to know exactly how I should be wearing my clothes, came up with so many possibilities and made me feel like I didn't need to go and buy lots of new clothes
It was liberating! I am excited to look in my wardrobe and find an outfit"

katy mccabe - matlock, uk

virtual wardrobe consultation 2020

i have finally invested in pieces i will wear again and again

“I felt like I had nothing to wear. The items I had didn't go together and I was just throwing good money after bad buying the wrong things. Now I’m delighted to have a capsule collection that works together.

Initially I was a bit worried something might get lost by doing it virtually, but this wasn't the case at all. As soon as we had the Zoom chat, I knew that Niki totally understood my style and what I wanted to achieve. I felt total confidence from this point.

I loved seeing all the items together in the look book. It felt like a ready to wear collection, rather than individual items. Niki’s really given my closet a much-needed refresh and refocused it on items that suit me. I feel like I have finally invested wisely in pieces I will wear again and again.”

sarah frederickson - london, uk

online personal shopping in 2020

I now feel more confident and attractive than I have in a long time.

"I was in desperate need of a capsule wardrobe. I had somehow ended up with formal clothes, and work clothes, but nothing in between. And 90% of my clothes made me feel average at best.  Nothing seemed to reflect my true style or personality.

 Niki really took the time to help me pinpoint what I was looking for. She has somehow enabled me to embrace items that would have previously been out of my comfort zone, while still staying true to my personal style.

I am so thrilled with my new wardrobe. I now feel more confident and attractive than I have in a long time.  I would recommend Niki wholeheartedly."

maya monteiro - london , uk

online personal shopping in 2020

I look forward to what I'm going to wear next!

“I didn’t know what suited me or how to put it together and I wasn’t feeling very confident or fashionable. I'd been wearing the same clothes for years and didn't feel excited about my closet or getting dressed in any way!  Now I feel much more confident and I look forward to what I'm going to wear next!
Niki took the time from the start to get to know me and try and decipher what I needed and wanted, when I was very confused myself.
Her availability and ideas have been priceless, and it was very exciting to receive the look book she created and start to order the pieces she had sourced for me. She hit the nail on the head with both style and sizing and I have worn quite a few of my new items and been complimented on my new style, which hasn't ever happened!"

emily edwards, london, uk

online personal shopping in 2020

I look forward to what i'm going to wear next!

“I felt like I had lost my style, I had a lot of clothes that I didn’t wear and it would take me ages to decide on an outfit to wear. 

Niki’s course surpassed my expectations and has made a massive difference for me!

I feel more confident in putting together outfits, have been wearing clothes I haven’t worn for ages, in different ways and am feeling more confident in myself.  I also feel like I have rediscovered my style!”

hazel pilon, bristol, uk

online course in 2020


i'm getting lots of compliments

"I hired Niki because I was struggling to get out of a style rut and wanted to push boundaries and step up my style effort.  I like having a plan, but I had no plan with clothes. I was buying things that didn’t work together and was only looking at two brands and not looking at other options.  

Working with Niki was a really nice experience. I enjoyed our email conversations and felt like I was heard, and it was expressed in the look book.  Now I am more focused when looking at clothes to buy, and I can focus on quality and usability of items.  I’m getting lots of compliments at work on my pieces, and people are noting the versatility of my items!"

dana willmer - pa, usa

online personal shopping in 2019

i'm excited!

“Style Your Shape is worth every penny! I’ve learned my true body shape, my correct bra size, and how to put together outfits that look great every time. I always thought other women seemed to know how to dress well, while I would struggle with my outfits. Now I know the secret to looking my best, too!

For years I believed I was an hourglass figure (based on all those free online measurement calculators), and I was trying to dress for that silhouette. Niki’s lesson on finding my body shape was so detailed, and it turns out I’m not an hourglass shape at all! Everything suddenly made sense - it was like a lightbulb moment!

Now I can dress for my “real” shape, and I feel so much better in my clothes. The course showed me tons of clothing styles that would look best on my unique shape, and most of them I had never considered before. It’s an exciting feeling when you see the possibilities, and know they’re all perfect for YOU.

I used to feel overwhelmed and frustrated when shopping or trying on clothes, but now I’m excited. Picking outfits is easy now, and I know I always look my best.
Niki is a master teacher and stylist. I highly recommend this course!”

amy adams - mi, usa

online course in 2019

i feel better about my figure

"Two of my children gifted me with a closet organization package. As I told them later, this was simply the best gift ever!

I'm a recently retired teacher who needed to come up with more casual outfits for my new, more relaxed life. Though I was nervous about someone (an expert!) spending hours in my closet, I shouldn't have worried.

Niki was friendly, funny, and easy to talk to. She showed me a variety of ways to wear items that were languishing in my closet, and she also let me decide whether it wasn't time to let go of some other items. My wardrobe is more streamlined, I feel better about my figure, and I'm excited about adding a few more items (recommended by Niki). This experience gave me the fresh start I was looking for.

janet williams - sc, usa

wardrobe consultation 2019

i feel better about my figure

“I highly recommend Niki and her online styling packages .

I was seeking advice and ideas after reaching a point in my life where I was looking for help to over haul my image and boost my confidence.  Niki was really great at talking through the kind of styles I liked and the clothes that might be suitable, she did all the hard work for me and I have to say that I was very pleased with what she picked out for me.

I have never had so many compliments, you wont be disappointed if you choose to take up one of her packages.”

jolene - isle of wight, uk

online shopping in 2019

getting dressed and shopping is much more fun

"I was struggling with getting dressed and shopping for clothes. I would put outfits together thinking they were great, only to catch my reflection later in the day and realize it wasn’t.

Now I know exactly what I’m looking for in an outfit whereas before it was a ton of trial and error. Getting dressed and shopping for clothes is so much more fun. I loved the course! Niki is truly gifted : )"

rachael lindley - usa

online course in 2019


“I felt like I had lost my style, I had a lot of clothes that I didn’t wear and it would take me ages to decide on an outfit to wear. 

Niki’s course surpassed my expectations and has made a massive difference for me!

I feel more confident in putting together outfits, have been wearing clothes I haven’t worn for ages, in different ways and am feeling more confident in myself.  I also feel like I have rediscovered my style!”

hazel pilon, bristol, uk

online course in 2019

2018 - 2008

She made shopping easy and stress free!

“I’m a self-employed interior designer and I contacted Niki because I needed some help with my work wardrobe.

I had lots of boring business clothes from a previous role in a corporate job, and all manner of jeans, t-shirts and hoodies to wear at weekends. However I really struggled to look creative, yet smart, business-like but not too stuffy – it’s a fine line to tread and I found myself either being too corporate or too casual. I wanted to level-up my work wardrobe so that what I wore really embodied my business and brand.

Niki really understood what I wanted to achieve, she hand-picked a fabulous range of clothes and gently guided me to try things on that I never would have looked at before. I was amazed by how many items fitted perfectly!    

I now have a fantastic, stylish capsule wardrobe of smart-casual-creative outfits. I feel so much more confident when going to networking events and meeting clients – it’s given me a really boost. My style is much more in-line with my business brand and ethos nowadays, and I have a better idea of what to look for when I’m shopping on my own. All thanks to Niki’s expert help!”

sarah burrows - preston, uk

personal shopping

She made shopping easy and stress free!

I had such an amazing experience hiring Niki to style me for performances, photo shoots, and everyday wardrobe.

Niki is a true professional. She listened to my direction and offered great suggestions within my budget. She made shopping easy and stress free! I look and feel great and have had so many compliments on my style!

rachel b - pa, usa

personal shopping

i'm excited!

Niki is thorough, timely, and pays attention to what you are really looking for. Her virtual styling is a great option if you find yourself pressed for time and cannot make it out to the shops, need to enhance your current look, need a new look, or need help in planning a specific outfit.

I was so happy with Niki's suggestions in helping me find those pieces I was having difficulty with. I can see myself definitely using Niki again in the future- it was so easy. Thanks Niki!

andrea arezzo, mn, usa

online shopping

niki should be on prescription!

“My session with Niki was a thoughtful birthday present from a loving husband, wanting to encourage his wife-turned-mummy to re-find some confidence and sense of self and style after 18 months of body-change and a degree of style-neglect… It worked!

Niki should be on prescription! She has a wonderful ability to really see you and provide you with appropriate style advice and detailed recommendations that help you to see that you can actually look great, whatever you feel about your body and looks. Niki combines such expert knowledge in her field, with a gentle, compassionate approach that means even those intimidated by the idea of a ’personal stylist’ will soon feel really comfortable.

Although nervous, my time with Niki was really enjoyable and empowering and I’m sad she is not in the UK more often!

Niki goes above and beyond in her work - she is generous with her time and expertise and I’m happy to have started my style journey with her.”

claire row - bristol, uk

personal shopping


“Niki was such a wonderful help to me when I was in need of new clothing options when returning to work after having a baby. After just a short consultation at my home, Niki already had such a wonderful sense of my style. I loved all the clothes that she chose for me, even the pieces I may never have thought to pick out on my own! 

She did a great job keeping within my budget so that I was still able to get a lot of pieces within my price range. She also did a terrific job finding clothes for me that are already worked well with items I had at home. Niki also has such a sweet and friendly personality that it made our shopping trip a really fun experience. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone! Thank you Niki!! ”

emily - pa, usa

personal shopping


“I had a wardrobe consultation and shopping trip with Niki 18 months ago which was excellent - she really helped me to sort out my wardrobe (I had a LOT of black or brown clothing and many cardigans!) and to point out styles and colours that suited me and those they didn't!

Since then, I have had a much better understanding of what to look for when I go shopping and I am much more adventurous with the clothing I buy.

This summer I asked Niki to recommend some outfits to wear for a couple of weddings and a christening-as Niki is in India, she offered me her online consultation service; I completed a questionnaire about what I was looking for, used Pinterest to pin ideas to a scrapbook and Niki sourced three outfits that she thought would suit, along with accessories.

I found this service really good and I have been so pleased with the choice. I could not fault Niki's service. She was always available on email to discuss ideas (even with the time difference in India!) and was really helpful in offering alternatives for the sale items that she had initially suggested. I would definitely recommend this service, for both one-off outfits or if there are items to update in your wardrobe. I would use Niki's online service again, especially as it allows you to order items online rather than trawling around the shops! ”

claire stone - bristol, uk

online shopping

I was so impressed by the obvious care and thought she had taken over her work

"As a working mum, juggling nursery runs with a busy commute and I had found that I had become stuck wearing jeans and t-shirts and trainers until they were worn through! I needed some inspiration for some alternative smarter outfits that were easy to wear and would suit my petite height!

Niki, after thorough research created this amazing ‘Look book’ with loads of ideas and even pulled the items together to create different looks for me.

The items were just my style with a few hidden gems that I would have never picked out on my own. I was so impressed by the obvious care and thought she had taken over her work. I would highly recommend! ”

steph shers - london, uk

online shopping

i would recommend her to anyone

"I was worried I was going to a fashionista who was going to slate all my clothes but from the moment I met her I felt totally at ease. She has style, and understands that what suits people doesn't just depend on their shape and size, but also their personality. She introduced me to pieces I would have never looked at before, but now relish putting on and everything new has fit seamlessly into my old wardrobe.

I really got the feeling from Niki that her job isn't about hitting targets, and cashing in, the most important thing is to make people feel good about themselves and what their buying. I would recommend her to anyone. A really lovely person, who could get on with anybody whilst still being very good at her job. Genuinely fab!"

ngaio anyia - bristol, uk

online shopping


“I was bought a voucher for a consultation and shopping trip with Niki and I was so nervous and hate shopping so much that it took me a year to pluck up the courage to use it. However, Niki was so kind and patient and encouraging that she made me feel completely different about the whole experience.

She was completely professional when I showed her my appalling wardrobe and then went and selected some gorgeous clothes for me to try on in lots of different shops up at The Mall. She found things which I would never have tried on but which made me feel absolutely great and I have a whole new selection of clothes now so that I no longer feel ashamed of how I look.

Niki did so much more than just take me shopping; she made a major difference to my self-esteem and has made me walk much taller! Thank you Niki! I would definitely recommend this experience even to those suffering from shopping phobia! I had ended up in tears on previous trips but this trip I really enjoyed! ”

anna v - bristol, uk

personal shopping

 This wasn't just wardrobe transforming, it was life transforming

"I was worried she'd want me to fit in with her ideas of what would work and also that I'd feel obliged to buy stuff but it was clear Niki'd spent a lot of time and effort in gathering pieces that would really work for me and my lifestyle, and she seems to have a sixth sense in knowing not just what suits you but when to encourage you to try certain styles you may never have considered.

This wasn't just wardrobe transforming, it was life transforming - I went out 'with the girls' in one of my new outfits after our trip and got so many compliments, and even at work people have been stopping me in the corridor to say I looked 'gorgeous' and since when had I got a waist! It made me realize that walking round in my comforting baggy clothes was really getting me down and now my confidence has really soared."

kate brooks - bristol, uk

personal shopping

 i'm pleased with every single item

“I want to say THANK YOU for your help and your time. I had a really enjoyable shopping time, one that I've never even had with my best friends. You were very genuine and committed and I appreciate it a lot. I came back to the shops and bought most of the clothes we chose, and I'm pleased with every single item. I also know I will be looking at clothes shopping in a more creative way. If I need any help in the future I know who to call!”

sylwia - bristol, uk

personal shopping

 i'm pleased with every single item

"I had a wardrobe consultation and shopping trip and I enjoyed every minute of it. I couldn't wait to start wearing my old clothes in a new way and my new clothes in the right way. Niki has made me feel confident and good about myself and showed me how to show off the best parts of me, which I didn't know I had at first. She made me feel relaxed and happy. She has a very professional and friendly air about her. The Wardrobe report is brilliant, top tips, do's and don't and photos of me, reminding me how to wear my clothes right. Thank you for such a great gift.”

amy bates - bristol, uk

wardrobe session + personal shopping

Shopping has literally never been that easy and stress-free!

I work from home and I know my style but I wanted Niki to help me take it to the next level. I also wanted to have a capsule wardrobe that would be warm and comfortable as well as stylish. That’s not an easy brief but I knew Niki would be able to master it…and she did!

Niki is a delight to work with. The whole process was fun and easy. She takes so much time and care to select the garments and accessories to create complete looks.

I was salivating when I received my finished Look Book. Niki sends links to all the items so you can click and buy - shopping has literally never been that easy and stress-free !

My Look Book contain FIFTY THREE different outfits!! I was blown away. Many items I never would have chosen if Niki hadn’t suggested them are now favorite go-to items. Every item Niki chose for me gets worn and regularly. My clothes work hard for me now and I love that.

emma ward, london, uk

online shopping

at no point did i feel i was being made a carbon copy

"Niki has provided me with a wardrobe that I feel confident wearing, but more importantly is a style that reflects me.

What impressed me the most was the amount of thought that Niki had obviously put into styling me; she took into account my budget, my interests and the look that I wanted to achieve. The clothes she picked out suited me well, and at no point did I feel that I was being made a carbon copy of somebody else’s style.

I ended up trying on a few things I wouldn’t have tried on before, from shops I’d not heard of. Overall it was a very positive experience, and one I would highly recommend.

matt ferron, bristol, uk

personal shopping

i'm so delighted i invested in niki

I’ve known Niki for many years - we actually trained together to be stylists. I’ve always loved her creative, edgy flare and I trust she really knows her stuff.

When I booked a photo-shoot for my business branding, I had a VERY clear image of what I wanted. I’d made my branding board and actually had many of the main garments to create the look I wanted. I hired Niki to help me source the extras. I didn’t have the time and I no longer work as a stylist so I don’t have my finger on the pulse in the same way as Niki. The idea of spending hours searching for the perfect shoes and the top that would work with my pink tulle skirt made me want to cry (ha!).

I’m sooo delighted that I invested in Niki. She helped make my photo-shoot more seamless by sourcing the last few items that pulled all my other items together. She then created an amazing Look Book with all the different outfits - this was a Godsend. I had a location shoot in London so there were no mirror!! This could have been an absolute nightmare but it was easy because I’d just pull out my Look Book on my phone and use that to choose which outfit to wear where.

I won’t hesitate to hire Niki again next time I have a photoshoot. I recommend her to all my clients.

So, if you’re like me and know exactly how you want to look but just need someone to source the items then do yourself (and your business) a huge favour and save yourself so much time and stress by getting Niki to help you pull it off.

Or, if you have no clue what brand image you’re after you definitely need to hire Niki. She’ll help you bring your personality into your brand and add a sense of YOU that’ll make you magnetic to your ideal clients.

emma ward,  london, uk

online personal branding

i feel younger and more confident

I contacted Niki because I'd got into a horrible rut and ended up with a wardrobe full of black and grey clothes that I hated wearing. I don't like shopping at the best of times, but as a busy mum I felt like I just didn't have the time and inclination to get to the shops.

My particular bug-bear is trousers and getting them to fit. Niki visited me at home before taking me shopping and I found her non-judgemental, really positive and assured me that it wouldn't be difficult to sort me out.

What really struck me when we went shopping is how efficient it all was and now I came home with bag-fulls of clothes in record time!

Nikki knows so much about the sizing of different brands that I didn't have to try on many items to get a good fit - even jeans and trousers. Also, Nikki got me to try things on in different combinations that I had confidence that the things I was buying would be good value.

What can I say, it was a really positive experience, I'd definitely recommend her and I'll certainly be using her again when I need a bit of help and inspiration.”

molly anderson -  bristol, uk

personal shopping

I'll help you to create a closet you love!

Hi, I'm Niki

personal stylist and author

Over the past 18 years I’ve freed thousands of women from the frustration of disappointing outfits through my personal styling services, by showing them how to dress to make the most of their shape, and helping them build a closet that's easy to use and fun to wear.  

My blog shares the tried and true tips and knowledge I've developed along the way, to arm you with everything you need to stop wasting money on disappointing clothes, and build a closet you enjoy wearing.

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